The Things We Hide

We struggle to have meaning
in this world which we all know
we try but yet we wonder
where we all should go
hidden in the questions
which we can not find
the answers are all hidden
deep inside our minds
hidden in our soul
is the life we try to hide
but in time it will find you
and it will release
all of its secrets hidden beneath
so before it ruins the life you have made
release those dark secrets
and the memories will fade
hidden in our lives are stories left untold
of the things we didn't want them to know
but once you tell somebody
and make your feelings known
the struggle will be over
and you'll finally be home

© Tiffany Franklin
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Comments (3)

  1. nuvita_kalra

    Loved it!
    Simple words and I can really relate to it.
    People try to hide what they are really like. They try to fit in with other people. In doing so, they wear a mask and lose their individual identity. Also, for some people, including me, sharing is quite hard. Trust issues or being shy whatever the reason is but sharing your personal life and feelings with some other person feels like a mammoth task. But once you do, as you said- ‘the struggle will be over’.

    August 06, 2014
  2. sweetpaws

    really nice job.. great words and flow

    August 06, 2014
  3. codybenson

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    November 25, 2016