Look into her eyes,
Read the words that remain unspoken,
You can't see that she's losing her mind,
And that the monsters lurking inside,
Are trying to rip their way out,
Using the tears that stain her cheeks,
And the blood that stains her wrists,
Every night at 1 a.m.
When the demons haunt her thoughts,
And she so desperately wants to sleep,
Because the nightmares,
Are nothing compared to reality.
All you ever get to see,
Are her fake smiles,
Her mask of foundation and eyeliner,
But she's a happy girl, right?
She knows you're not a mind reader,
That she plays her part well,
Covering the scars on her body,
Not wanting you to know,
What a twisted place her mind is,
And how she can never get you out of it.
She knows that if she tells you,
You'll run like everyone else,
Leaving her abandoned in the attic,
Like that toy you always wanted,
Then got bored of after a few hours,
And never looked at it again.
Because once she opens her heart,
She knows there's no turning back,
But you're so unforgettable,
While she's everything but irreplaceable.
She refuses to hold you back,
From having fun,
And being who you are,
She'll watch from the sidelines,
As you go flashing past with that brilliant smile,
She will be content,
To see you happy,
Even though she isn't,
Because there are certain people in this world,
That weren't made to be happy,
But were made to be broken.
I am nothing but a monster,
That needs to be slain,
While you are the handsome prince,
Devoid of all pain,
But she and I are one and the same,
I was made to be broken, you were made to play this game

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Comments (2)

  1. shinesweet28

    Very nice poem… quite strong… i miss you girl…

    August 22, 2014
  2. darcycarey

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    January 04, 2017