Only Memories

As I lay here in the dark, between these prison walls
I would think about you, and my tears would fall

You were the sun that shines, an encouraging thought
wish I could have been there with you
while the Cancer you fought

You prayed over each one, but me, I was not there
I was behind those walls, with a life I could not bear

I could not escape, a drug habit I could not break
Ashamed, deranged, and full of fear
All I could think about was me being here

Overwhelmed by depression, in great despair
Feeling sorry for myself, thinking, "This is not fair"

"How did I get here?", "What did I do?"
You're fighting for your life and I am stuck here without you

Some time has gone by, released from those walls
Now your dead and gone, I live with only memories 
and tears that fall

So, learn from your past, the experience you go through
You never know when a loved one will pass
and you can't say, "I Love You!"

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