If We Stay

Over there by the corner of green and grey,

We'll meet love again,

We'll never have to witness the pain of goodbyes and tears,

Nor take a share in the broken armors of fallen hearts,

We'll just take a jump and delight with these fragile wings,

Don't we, sweetheart?


If we stay, love will never walk away,

If we leave, love will turn back around to make us stay,

If we ever chose to stay, love will give us infinite days,

And if ever we decide to leave, love will give us a sweet escape,

Into the fields that we once forget.


In the fields of green and grey,

Love will take a bow and fly away,

But before it happens,I want you to remember every vow I made,

I want you to dream the kissed I planted on your warm lips,

Remember to look for me in another life, dearest.


In the chambers of green and grey,

We'll see the damage of this burning feeling,

We'll take flight into the eternal woods of shadows and colors,

Where these strange voices rule and tell us to go mad like dogs,

Where these warm hands dig into the deepest part of our soul.


If we stay, we could hold each other forever,

But we will not find what's really in store for the two of us,

If we stay, we could live happily ever after,

But after years and years of living, we'll see that life is not a bucket of happy endings.


Hey. This is one of my poems. I wrote this a few months ago. Enjoy :)

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Comments (2)

  1. phenomenalkaye

    I love to share this. This is my first poem of the year. ‘If We Stay’ is a poem of a burned person.

    April 25, 2015
  2. samuelsuffolk

    There is always a moment in our life when we have to say good bye to everyone but there will always be one who is also waiting for you to welcome because that is life that we can understand from uk rushmyessays service and people come and go but they always be with us wherever they are.

    January 05, 2017